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"We wanted to create an eCommerce webstore, but we had no idea where to start and what all was involved to get one up and running. Working with Damien from Diamond Web Design has been a wonderful experience. He made the vision we had for our new website come to life. He made sure that we were happy with the site and promptly made any changes that we asked for. He not only created an amazing website for us, but also he helped us implement our PDG shopping cart, Google Analytics, and overall walked us through the entire process. We have had numerous, complicated questions that he has always gone above and beyond to answer and help us with."

"We highly recommend Damien and will continue to work with him on any future projects."

Slurry Wars

"Taking your business online is a serious matter. It's important to have talented people you can trust and rely on to bring your company to the web. We've found this with Diamond Web Design. Their services have been accurate, affordable, and on time every time. It's a great feeling knowing that we don't have to be web experts ourselves when we have Diamond Web Design. This allows us more time to focus on running our business, and not our website. In a world full of roadblocks and "can't do" personalities, it has been a relief to be in the competent hands of a true "CAN DO!" company."
Jack Walchuck
Wholesale Cycle

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Site Redesigns

Do you already have an existing site that is dated or you just want to jazz up the look a bit?

We have Site Redesign services available to you. We can build onto your existing site or we can create a completely new professional look for your site and business. Most of the small tweaks and building onto what your site currently contains would be considered on an hourly basis. So typically we ask that you email us a shortlist of exactly what changes you would like to see on the site. We then can get you a timeline and cost of how long it will take to complete the project and how much it will cost to you. Once the timeline and cost have been agreed upon. We get started right away.

In addition to building onto your existing site. We can also assist you with getting a completely new look. So if you are tired of seeing the same old Website or maybe you have another vision of what your Website should be. No matter what the reason for the redesign, we have plenty of options for you. Should you choose to have a completely new design implemented for your site. This would typically fall under our regular Website Design packages. You can read more information about them by Clicking Here. This would give you a pretty good cost analysis to go off of in case you need a base price point. Please feel free to contact us and discuss any details you have questions about.

So don't delay this any longer. Contact Us Today and let's get started on making you Website live up to your expectations.

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