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"Taking your business online is a serious matter. It's important to have talented people you can trust and rely on to bring your company to the web. We've found this with Diamond Web Design. Their services have been accurate, affordable, and on time every time. It's a great feeling knowing that we don't have to be web experts ourselves when we have Diamond Web Design. This allows us more time to focus on running our business, and not our website. In a world full of roadblocks and "can't do" personalities, it has been a relief to be in the competent hands of a true "CAN DO!" company."
Jack Walchuck
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Online Stores

Are you ready to start your online store? Are you ready to become your own boss? How about taking your existing brick and mortar store online to be available 24/7 365.

Online Stores are a great way to make your business readily available to not only local clients, but global international clients as well. There are many shopping cart software programs out there to choose from. Sometimes it can be hard to know which one will best suit your needs. Perhaps you just need a basic cart to sell things online. Or maybe you are a current Quickbooks POS or Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise user and want to know if it is possible to link up a web store to your accounting software. Well guess what, IT IS POSSIBLE. If you already own one of those Quickbooks Software Packages referenced above. We can assist you with a real time sync of your item list in QB to your shopping cart software. Also this sync is a two way sync. Which means that as you are updating items from your Quickbooks software into your shopping cart software. Orders will also go from your shopping cart software to your Quickbooks software. This process can even be setup to work automatically. So the web store practically runs itself.

Because each business is different and most objectives can vary from business to business. It is hard for us to price out design packages for online store setup. However if you are interested in setting up an online store. Please contact us and let's talk about the details of what you are trying to accomplish. We can discuss your timeline of when you are trying to get the site done and launched on the web to start making sales. We can also discuss the costs associated with the setup and implementation of the web store. It usually turns out to be a 3 phase process. The first phase is getting the Website design in place. Once the site design is in place. The next phase is to get the shopping cart software installed and if appropriate linked up to Quickbooks or Quickbooks POS. Once this is in place and the shopping cart is organized and configured, the last phase is to Test and Tweak.

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