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"Taking your business online is a serious matter. It's important to have talented people you can trust and rely on to bring your company to the web. We've found this with Diamond Web Design. Their services have been accurate, affordable, and on time every time. It's a great feeling knowing that we don't have to be web experts ourselves when we have Diamond Web Design. This allows us more time to focus on running our business, and not our website. In a world full of roadblocks and "can't do" personalities, it has been a relief to be in the competent hands of a true "CAN DO!" company."
Jack Walchuck
Wholesale Cycle

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Website Hosting Plans

What is Website Hosting?
Hosting is pretty much rent for your Website to live on a server. The server is the home and gateway for the Website to the Internet. Without hosting, your Website is not viewable to anyone over the Web. You can choose from one of our three hosting plans:

One Karat Hosting


One Year of Hosting: $100

Add a Domain Name:

1 yr $20,   2 yrs $35,   3 yrs $50

Two Karat Hosting


Two Years of Hosting: $190

Add a Domain Name:

1 yr $20,   2 yrs $35,   3 yrs $50

Three Karat Hosting


Three Years of Hosting: $260

Add a Domain Name:

1 yr $20,   2 yrs $35,   3 yrs $50

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